Triangle Roof House

Exterior Gendai Cladding

Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan

Project Overview

Located in Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan this project presents itself with unmistakable Japanese signature and a facade clad in our Gendai pigmented in dark brown color.

The surrounding scenery of this home posed an interesting challenge for the homeowners, as the south side of the property faced a busy road. To enhance the ambiance, a slightly higher wooden fence, also made of Yakisugi, was installed and a large opening was created to offer a stunning view of the garden from inside the house.

As a result, the tatami living room now basks in abundant natural light and feels remarkably open, while still maintaining complete privacy from the outside street, even when the curtains are left open throughout the day. Interestingly, the land originally featured large stones, which the builder creatively incorporated to craft a beautiful garden that now graces the property.

Moreover, the attic window under the triangular roof was thoughtfully designed to provide a view of the grandparents’ house on the nearby hill. During the evenings, when the children illuminate their bedroom with gentle lights, a heartwarming sense of family connection envelops their surroundings, creating a special bond between the two homes.

Closest Yakisugi option from our European range:

Gendai | Shiplap | 145mm width

Dark Brown

Residential Exterior

Kunimoto Kenchikudo


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