Gendai –
Carbonised wood with a surface that is silky smooth

Our once-brushed Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban)

Our Gendai products fly off the warehouse shelves fastest – it’s the most popular kind of Yakisugi we sell for house facades and a range of other exterior and interior applications. The silky smooth surface we mention above is created by lightly brushing off the charred soot layer after the firing, while leaving subtle remnants of the charring process visible. And once the coatings and pigmentation you’ve picked have been applied, the end product will help beautify almost any design and setting.

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Available Gendai coatings and colours

Gendai combines effortlessly and harmoniously with other building materials and architectural styles. Depending on what you have in mind and how the product is deployed, you can turn your Yakisugi into a head-turning highlight or blend it in discreetly to the surroundings.  

Our range of coatings and pigmentations

Depending on the end look and colour shade you have in mind, you can install Gendai without any coating at all, or choose one of our traditional oil coatings and water-based, solvent-free glazes. As a general rule, though, we would recommend applying a coating to keep your Yakisugi boards at their best for longer. The latter contains natural wood oils that penetrate deep into the interior of the board and nourish and protect it from within. And if you’d rather have a glaze? It goes on the surface of the carbonised wood like a protective film. Whichever you choose, you’ll end up with an installation better protected against UV rays, weather conditions and the weathering process in general. And remember, there’s no better way to get your colour accent of choice than our coating systems.  

Whatever your taste and whatever your project, we will find the right solution. From transparent glazes that bring out the original colour of the carbonised wood in a glorious silky sheen and grey and silver shades, right up to jet black (ebony).

Available profiles and widths

Shiplap profile
145 mm (135 mm reveal) – #G14
195 mm (185 mm Reveal) – #G19

Square Edge profile
145 mm – #G04
195 mm – #G09
89 mm – #G08

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