Charred wood siding

A wooden side cladding evokes naturalness, comfort and can be extremely durable if treated correctly. Especially a charred wood siding made with the Yakisugi technique, also frequently called Shou Sugi Ban, offers outstanding durability in addition to a unique look. The carbonization of the surface layer created by this technique is a natural repellent for insects and of course water resistant as well. Thus, this kind of charred wood siding is noticeably different in comparison to regular untreated cladding and different materials. World-famous architects have recognized this as well and already use it intensively: for example, Japanese contemporary architect and designer Terunobu Fujimori who built the Japanese pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

Why choose a charred wood siding made with Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban)?

In Europe this specific processing of wood is still a small rarity – which makes this charred wood siding especially attractive for all those who like an exclusive and extraordinary look. The timber used for this side cladding is processed as Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban). This means that the surface is charred without actually burning the wood. Due to the high heat of the flame the wood begins to undergo the process of carbonization, which is the distinguishing feature of this technique. Thanks to this carbonization the wood not only gains a unique structure but also becomes water resistant and thus gains a much higher durability.

After burning, the charred, structured surface of the wood can be preserved as is, or the wood plank can be brushed for a different appearance. The initial Yakisugi is called Suyaki and features a deep and glossy black, whereas after a single brushing, it will be more matte and smoother, with a more easily visible wood grain. This product is called Gendai. Finally, a second brushing will result in a wood that shows its original color, but with the grain in a deep, charred black for a pleasantly contrasting look. This last surface is called Pika-pika.

The original charred wood siding made of Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban) Wood

Perfect for all those who will only consider the original from Japan. For our charred wood siding we only use the original Japanese cypress wood instead of European timber. Like this the original Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban) is created, which has made this technique popular in Asia and North America. We offer contemporary, trendy products which make this charred wood siding a true specialty. Even individualists get their money’s worth. Of course, this charred wood siding is absolutely eco-friendly, since this technique does not require chemical treatments nor solvents to protect the wood. After charring, the resulting planks are merely treated with a natural oil to prevent the charcoal surface from staining. Low-maintenance and durable at the same time, this charred wood siding is truly special for its low impact on the environment and climate. The timeless design will thrill homeowners and their guests for years and decades to come.

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A charred wood siding which makes use of a technique from Japan that has been used for centuries: this is truly a specialty. Since we use the original Japanese base material our charred wood siding is always a solid, chic and contemporary choice. Additionally, we want to convince our customers with short delivery times and highest quality in terms of products and customer service. Perfect for everyone who wants something special for their side cladding.


Using charred wood for siding might sound strange initially, but the advantages of this type of wood speak for themselves. Wood treated with the Shou Sugi Ban, or Yakisugi, procedure gains resistance to water, insects and mold, with increased durability and longevity. Not only will you gain a unique and exotic look for your home, you will benefit from a product that requires very little upkeep in the long run.

Technically, Shou Sugi Ban charred wood siding can be made from a variety of different timber. The procedure to char the surface while maintaining the integrity of the logs and panels will work with many varieties of wood. However, the original Japanese cypress has multiple desirable qualities that make it by far the best choice. We therefore offer only the original as a quality product.

The Yakisugi procedure works by charring the surface of the wood without burning it. After the charring, the wood can be brushed and finally the result is treated with natural oils to prevent the charcoal from staining. At no point in the process are chemicals necessary and there is little upkeep over the years, which make Shou Sugi Ban charred wood siding a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

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