Regensburg Garage

Exterior Suyaki Cladding

Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany 

Project Overview

This project is located in Regensburg, Germany. The garage is part of a 200sqm new construction, which was also completely clad with our Suyaki. The owner started with the cladding of the garage, which not only offers a foretaste of the complete property, but impressively demonstrates that Yakisugi adds unique expression and beauty to projects of all shapes and sizes.

Suyaki, with its jet-black color and scaly texture reminiscent of alligator skin, here blends with the project’s clean lines in a way that turns heads.

Yakisugi product used in this project:

Suyaki | Shiplap | 145mm width

Natural oil | ebony| two coats

Product Code:

Residential Exterior

Project Volume:
30 sqm


Johannes Zettel

Further impressions of this project

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