Komorebi House

Exterior Suyaki Cladding

Regensburg, Germany

Project Overview

In the heart of Europe, where the lush forests of the Upper Palatinate unfold, the “Komorebi” house emerges as a harmonious liaison between the tranquility of nature and the profound simplicity of Japanese aesthetics. Named after the Japanese concept for sunlight filtering through leaves, this architectural gem is a testament to Nakamoto Forestry Europe’s Suyaki, the deepest char in the Shou Sugi Ban process, which accentuates the natural grain of the wood while providing unparalleled durability.

The project, conceived by a visionary homeowner and architect, translates the essence of Japanese tradition into a contemporary European setting. Suyaki’s rich, ebony facade, reminiscent of the great Japanese temples, stands in elegant contrast to the snow’s purity, the greenery of the forests, and the rustic charm of the Naab Valley’s rolling hills. The design meticulously balances privacy with openness, crafting a dialogue between the interior and the surrounding wilderness.

The use of Suyaki by Nakamoto Forestry not only ensures a low carbon footprint but also aligns with the principles of wabi-sabi, embracing the beauty of imperfection and the transience of nature. The home’s energy-efficient design, including its insulation and heating systems, showcases a commitment to eco-conscious living without compromising on comfort or elegance.

“Komorebi” is not just a house; it is a living space that evolves, a sanctuary that adapts to the seasons, and a canvas that celebrates the beauty of the natural world. It represents the pinnacle of Nakamoto Forestry Europe’s dedication to merging traditional techniques with modern design sensibilities.

Yakisugi product used in this project:

Suyaki | Shiplap| 145mm width

Natural oil | ebony | two coats

Product Code:

Residential Exterior

Project Volume:
200 sqm

Severin Queck


Johannes Zettel / NAOS

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