Heimburg Holiday House

Exterior Suyaki Cladding

Heimburg, Harz Mountains, Germany 

Project Overview

This project is a vacation home of a special kind. Nestled in the picturesque beauty of the Harz Mountains, Germany, this project is a symbol of the skillful combination of two aesthetics, which initially could not be more different:

The exterior is characterized by minimalist design, which is supported by the Z-shape floor plan of the house and the use of large window fronts. The use of our Suyaki gives the facade its striking expressiveness – the charred soot layer, reminiscent of alligator skin, draws all eyes to it.

Inside, minimalism gives way to lush maximalism, presented here in the form of a vibrant color scheme: Pink floors meet pop art on the walls, combined with the use of different materials and textures.

This project is yet another example of Yakisugi’s ability to adapt to any style or design, whether it’s taking the aesthetic lead or blending harmoniously into the overall picture.

Yakisugi product used in this project:

Suyaki | Shiplap | 145mm width

Natural oil | ebony| two coats

Product Code:

Residential Exterior

Project Volume:
290 sqm


Further impressions of this project

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