What is Shousugiban?

We offer trendy, stylish and modern products made of wood – which distinguish themselves by their special features. They are finished with the Shousugiban (Yakisugi) treatment. This is a technique that has been in use in Japan for centuries, which grants the wood several additional positive characteristics as well as a unique texture. With that our products are the ideal choice for all those who are looking for products that distinguish themselves from the mainstream – and manage to convince in terms of quality as well. Our products are durable, low-maintenance eco-friendly and carbon neutral.

Why Shousugiban (Yakisugi) is so special

The correct name for this technique is “Yakisugi” although Shousugiban is more commonly used in the west, based on an originally incorrect translation: out of many possible readings for the Japanese characters, the incorrect ones were chosen. Over time, they became the most used name for the technique in the west to the point where it is now accepted as an alternative name to Yakisugi. Regardless of its name the technique itself is of course identical. The surface of the treated wood is slightly charred without burning the wood. This leads to carbonization, through which the wood gains a unique surface structure and several other positive qualities. Shousugiban wood is:

  • Water repellant
  • Robust and longer lasting
  • Equipped with a natural protection against insects and mold

The base material for our Shousugiban procedure is the Japanese cypress. The use of other kinds of woods is possible, but the Japanese cypress has several characteristics that make it particularly desirable for use in Yakisugi. Therefore, we offer our clients the original from Japan. Perfectly suited for everyone who doesn’t want to compromise on their quality products.

Shousugiban (Yakisugi): High quality, climate – and eco-friendly

The unique appearance of burned cypress wood is already commonly used in western countries, though often not in combination with real timber, but as an imitation on the surface level of alternative materials. We actually work with the original raw material instead, exactly as it is used in Japan. Since this material is sustainable wood, it naturally has a very good carbon footprint. Additionally, wood burned with this technique doesn’t require any chemicals for its treatment, so each of our products doesn’t harm the environment. Shousugiban (Yakisugi) is an ideal choice for people who prefer natural products without negative side effects.

The varying appearances of Shousugiban

It might seem as though charred wood is visually simple, with only a single color and surface texture. This is not true, however. By brushing the wood after treatment, two additional looks can be created in terms of color and texture. The original burned wood has an almost glossy black color, with a crevasse pattern variable according to grain pattern. This is why outside of Japan, the original product is often referred to as having “alligator skin.” In Japan, this variety of wood is called Suyaki. It has the highest longevity and fire resistance out of all varieties.

If the Shousugiban wood is brushed once after burning, the result is called Gendai in Japanese. The single brushing results in a more matte dark brown color that allows the natural wood grain to peek through the charred surface for a smooth and silky look.

A second brushing can then be applied. The double brushed Yakisugi is called Pika-Pika: a Japanese term that translates to “sparkling, glittering, shining.” All loose soot is removed from the wood, leaving the original wood color in sharp contrast to the grain, where the soot will remain.

Shousugiban: Browse, find and order your products!

Shousugiban with its varying appearances is a centuries old tradition which was founded and perfected in Japan. By now it is increasingly more common and popular in Europe. Our wide variety of Yakisugi wood products are an eye-catcher in every home. These long-lived and low-maintenance products are truly distinctive and will remain that way for a while in the western world: as the first choice for high-quality natural products.


Shousugiban is a technique in which wood is charred on its surface, but not burned. It results in a uniquely textured wood with several desirable characteristics for use in a variety of construction applications. The technique has been developed in Japan and has been used there for centuries.

Yakisugi is the original name of Shousugiban and technically the correct one, which is still used in Japan itself. Due to a mistranslation of the Japanese characters for the procedure, it became known in the west as Shousugiban, where the latter is now the most commonly used and accepted name for the procedure and its results.

Shousugiban wood gains a beautiful color (glossy black, matte black or wooden with charred ridges) after treatment. In addition, wood treated this way becomes water repellant, more robust and gains a natural protection against insects and mold. It is long-lasting and needs no chemicals and very little upkeep, which makes it an eco-friendly choice perfect to reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Shousugiban wood is most popularly used for interior and exterior cladding, which is also the traditional Japanese use of the wood. In addition, fencing can be made from charred wood for a long-lasting and natural protection and landscaping element. In recent times, various other products have been made from Shousugiban, such as doors, cabinets, gates, kitchen units and much more.

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