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Martin Gottschlich

Our Pika-Pika ebony is very popular due to its brushed, contrast-rich texture. It looks overwhelmingly beautiful from any angle and changes with the degree looked upon

Our Pika-Pika is probably the most interesting among our products.  Suyaki, the original charred Yakisugi is a true eye-catcher and stands out due to its distinct “crocodile skin” surface. Pika-Pika, one the other hand, convinces due to its amazing complexity. 
It provides a topography of striped patterns with soft early wood valleys and burnt late wood. Its original colour ranges from yellow-white (sapwood) to pink-orange (heatwood). Charred ridges and subtle crevasse shadows remain on the harder late wood growth rings. Knots appear polished black. In our Pika-Pika ebony coat, we apply an ebony stain to give it a dark, black, even enigmatic surface.

Customer's voice - unboxing Pika-Pika ebony


Just recently we received a video from our customer Marion Schouten, who is a florist and decorator and is producing a very popular YouTube channel with over 70.000 followers. In this video she is showing how they received our products.

Together with her partner, she unboxed, sorted and stickered all of our products very diligently and with lots of passion. While this is not absolutely necessary, it is probably the best way to handle our product. Well done, Marion… 🙂 And looking forward to see our Pika-Pika ebony on your house facade…!

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